Level 3 - Coach Education Course

Level 3 - Coach Education Course

Fees : AED 13650

Purpose of the course

The purpose of the ICC Academy Global Level 3 qualification is to equip coaches with the relevant tools to be successful while coaching at the elite level. In achieving this qualification, the candidates will be deemed capable of coaching cricket to players at an elite level and prepare them to compete and perform at the highest levels of the game. 

The ICCA Global Level 3 coach will be working with players looking to make the jump to elite level cricket and/or establish themselves at the highest level. After being introduced to components such as mental skills and strength and conditioning, the participants will learn more about how to apply these principles practically. There is greater depth into the analysis of performance, both from a technical as well as a tactical standpoint while also emphasizing the importance of planning and periodization. The course focuses on equipping coaches with the tools to be able to successfully coach in different environments all around the globe. Ultimately, the ICCA Global Level 3 coach will be equipped to attain success at the highest level and compete for major honors. 

By achieving the ICC Academy Global Level 3 certificate, the coach should be able to do the following:

  • Demonstrate the ability to develop and drive a high performance culture 
  • Show an understanding of basic periodization principles
  • Demonstrate the ability to develop a high performance plan for both teams as well as individuals
  • Demonstrate the ability to observe and assess cricket skills and design the appropriate interventions
  • Design and implement session plans that are specific to the team and/or individuals being coached
  • Demonstrate the ability to communicate with players effectively and draw out information through good review practices
  • Demonstrate the ability to take information gathered in order to design and implement meaningful sessions
  • Demonstrate the ability to carry out team and individual debrief sessions
  • Show an understanding of bowling loads and the strength and conditioning requirements of fast bowlers
  • Show an understanding of what is required to lead a multidisciplinary team in order to achieve set objectives 

Scope of the Course

The ICC Academy Global Level 3 coach is able to coach the following players:

  • Junior representative cricketers 
  • Senior representative cricketers
  • Schools Cricket (all ages)
  • Club Cricket (all ages)
  • National Team Cricket (all ages)
  • Franchise Cricket


Structure of the Course

In order to be eligible for the ICCA Global Level 3 certificate, potential participants must hold a Level 2 certificate from a recognized body. The application process requires potential participants to submit the application form which would include their motivation for wanting to do the course as well as their coaching CV along with a reference letter and acceptance to the course is at the discretion of the Head of Education at the ICC Academy. 

As with the Level 2, once the participant is accepted, they will gain access to the online platform in order to complete the pre-course tasks which serve as a refresher to the principles and content previously covered as well as introducing them to new concepts that will be covered during the Level 3 course. Thereafter, they will attend the face-to-face component of the course which takes place at the ICC Academy in Dubai. This component takes place over 6 days and includes both the theory as well as the practical components. Opportunities are provided to coaches in order for them to practice and apply new principles and receive feedback from their peers as well as our world class tutors.  The assessment phase is done over the next year and coaches will submit their assignments on the online platform and achieve the certificate once the assessment is complete and all submitted work meets the necessary standards.